What is Pok Deng?

I got asked so many times about this popular Thai card game, most of my gambler friends are highly interested to play Pok Deng and it’s considered one of the best and easiest game to learn. The game is featuring excellent playing patterns and it can support flexible no. of players (2 to 17 players which includes dealer).

When it comes to the basic steps to play Pok Deng it’s quite simple.

  1. Starting with the players placing their bets.
  2. Dealer shuffles and deals two cards to each player
  3. Each player can either stay or draw a card. (Only once)
  4. Dealer might compare his/her hand against selected players. (Those with 3rd card drawn)
  5. Dealer might draw another card and compares his/her hand against rest of players.

And that’s it, quite simple right? You however need to be aware of some trickery in playing orders. 

Each Pok Deng game is quite short and lasting only several seconds to the couple of minutes. Each player must place bet by using chips, cash and small objects like wrapped candy which bet on table in front of himself or herself. Three major aspects of the gambler hand might determine scoring such as hand type, taem which is numerical value and deng which is important aspect which give you an instant victory (for most circumstances) and even multiplying your bet rewards.

How to Play Pok Deng

  • Taem is determined by numerical value of cards in hand. In terms of each card numerical value, each ace is having value of “1” (Thus if your hand consists of 7, A – That’s 8 in Taem)
  • Deng is decided by relationship among cards in hand such as sam deng (x3 reward), song deng (x2 reward) and others. Four hand types are available like normal, pok, tong and sam lueang or sam krabeung.

Learning About Four Hand Types

Four hand types are available in Pok Deng game including:

  1. Taem or Normal (Summed value) – 1:1 Reward
  2. Pok deng (8/9)
    1. Instant Winning (Unless the dealer also have a Pok Deng) – 1:1 Reward
    2. Double your reward if you have a pair of 9
  3. Tong (Three of a kind) – 1:5 Reward
  4. Sam Lueang or Sam Krabeung (Royal flush). – 1:3 Reward

The highest order of the cards is the  Pok 9 > Pok 8 > Tong > Straight > Sam Lueng > Taem. Therefore, even you have the hand of tong (3 of a kind) you won’t win the game or get 3-times reward if the dealer have a Pok 9.


*If you are a newbie in playing Pok Deng game then you better learn about hands and rewards before joining the others.

*When you play Pok Deng with Thai locals, it’s common that you might see some of them playing several hand at once. This is to get the chance of better hand comparison. For example, you can see up to 6 cards if you asked the dealer for two-hand betting

Playing Pok Deng Online

Even if you’re staying in Thailand. It’s definitely not simply finding any palour where you can play cards or Pok Deng. Such activities or anything related to gambling is prohibited in This land of smile.

Then what can I do to play this game? The answer is simple… you can play it online!

  • For recreation – You can download some free apps such as Funplay Game’s Pok Deng
  • For gambling – Visit a site like FIFA55 and register an account, make deposit, then you can start gambling Pok Deng right away (probably takes 5 – 15 mins for getting read). The betting options, however, is much more flexible than playing offline. Please read the rules and reward or my online Pok Deng review to learn more.


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